Ka-Ching !!

31 Dec






After a short break over the Christmas period, I re-opened my ebay store yesterday, to be rewarded in just a few hours by that wonderful “Ka-Ching” sound from my ebay app, announcing that I had made a sale.
Now to start adding listings again to make 2015 really memorable.

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DS Domination 2nd Uk Event Coventry

05 Aug

I spent Sunday attending the second DS Domination UK Event in Coventry.

What a Great Day!

Lots of training and sharing of experiences in this business.

The thing that really stood out for me was the large number of members there who were actually making money.  What a change from the more normal experience I have seen in other online businesses.  What really continues to amaze me is that less than 20% of those members making money had actually recruited a single person.  There is simply no requirement to do so!

How refreshing!

Listen to the input from some of the people I met there, (and at the previous event), in the video below.


My First Twenty Days with DS Domination

10 Apr
DS Domination

DS Domination





I have been getting my ebay business set up following the DS Domination training for just 20 days now.

The DS Domination training is first class, and leads you step-by-step through the process, and is presented in easy bite-sized modules.
I have also attended some webinars.  These are not ideally timed for the UK, but the webinars are recorded, and available for viewing at more convenient times.
I really like the very relaxed atmosphere in these events.

So does it work?

I have to say that it most certainly does!
I had my first sale within 72 hours!

I have not been pushing ahead as fast as I could, and have adopted a relaxed attitude towards it.  I know that if I continue following the process, my new business will continue growing.

So, My results…

I currently have just 40 items listed on ebay, and have achieved 20 sales to date, amounting to around £300

So, yes, the system works

My next step?

More of the same!

I am currently trading on ebay uk, and intend to move into the much larger US market by following the training.

Now that I understand the system, I shall start targeting higher priced (and hence higher profit) items.

In conclusion, I have to say that this is a truly amazing system.  This is the first online business I have been involved in that allows a complete newbie to make money online just from the product.  There is no need to promote the business, or recruit members, though there is a great affiliate program if that is what you want to do.

 If you would like more information, then simply click the image below and watch the presentation.

DS Domination

DS Domination