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DS Domination 2nd Uk Event Coventry

05 Aug

I spent Sunday attending the second DS Domination UK Event in Coventry.

What a Great Day!

Lots of training and sharing of experiences in this business.

The thing that really stood out for me was the large number of members there who were actually making money.  What a change from the more normal experience I have seen in other online businesses.  What really continues to amaze me is that less than 20% of those members making money had actually recruited a single person.  There is simply no requirement to do so!

How refreshing!

Listen to the input from some of the people I met there, (and at the previous event), in the video below.


My First Twenty Days with DS Domination

10 Apr
DS Domination

DS Domination





I have been getting my ebay business set up following the DS Domination training for just 20 days now.

The DS Domination training is first class, and leads you step-by-step through the process, and is presented in easy bite-sized modules.
I have also attended some webinars.  These are not ideally timed for the UK, but the webinars are recorded, and available for viewing at more convenient times.
I really like the very relaxed atmosphere in these events.

So does it work?

I have to say that it most certainly does!
I had my first sale within 72 hours!

I have not been pushing ahead as fast as I could, and have adopted a relaxed attitude towards it.  I know that if I continue following the process, my new business will continue growing.

So, My results…

I currently have just 40 items listed on ebay, and have achieved 20 sales to date, amounting to around £300

So, yes, the system works

My next step?

More of the same!

I am currently trading on ebay uk, and intend to move into the much larger US market by following the training.

Now that I understand the system, I shall start targeting higher priced (and hence higher profit) items.

In conclusion, I have to say that this is a truly amazing system.  This is the first online business I have been involved in that allows a complete newbie to make money online just from the product.  There is no need to promote the business, or recruit members, though there is a great affiliate program if that is what you want to do.

 If you would like more information, then simply click the image below and watch the presentation.

DS Domination

DS Domination


Just got started with DS Domination

21 Mar

I Signed up yesterday with DS Domination.




The DS Domination product is a a training program consisting of a collection of videos (and other media) showing how to build an eBay business based on drop shipping from Amazon. and other suppliers.

Having had, a few years ago, a reasonable eBay business as a Power Seller, I have been considering for some time getting back into it.
Coming across DS dominator has prompted me to take that leap.

My previous ebay business was based on buying product from local auctions, car boot sales, etc. and then selling on ebay. It proved to be a very profitable business, though very time consuming, and not easy to expand it to the next level without taking on staff and premises.
The business suffered when I became full-time carer for my wife, as she battled with cancer. I was no longer able to regularly get out to secure stock. I eventually stopped it, and never got back to it after my wife finally lost that battle.

The DS dominator option looks to be very much less time consuming, and I shan’t find myself handling product at all.

I shall document my progress here…

First task is to start watching the videos, and get myself setup to launch.

What People Are Saying About Leaf

12 Nov

Join Leaf Here

See the Leaf Income Disclosure Statement

Here’s what people are saying about Leaf…

“Leaf’s opportunity is straightforward.  If you’re a numbers guy, you can’t miss the opportunity.”

Lawrence Sowell, Chief Visionary Officer, and co-founder of leaf said…

“One day I was driving down the road, I was with my girlfriend at the time, and I turned to her in the car and I was just like…Leaf…And she was like…What?…
She didn’t have a clue what I was talking about.  But in three seconds this whole idea went through my head and I spent the next 20 minutes explaining to her what I’d just thought of, and what I think it can do to the online industry, and how it could change the way user experience is.”

Mike Green, Master Associate said…

“Now January of 2013 a good friend of mine called me and said Mike, I’ve got something you Have to take a look at, and I was a little bit reluctant.  And it hit me.  I saw components inside this compensation plan that I’d never seen before.  I saw a product evolving out of this company that I’d never seen before, and I got excited.”

John Solamito, CEO of Leaf said…

“Anybody can recruit just a few people and make, you know, and make 1000 to 1300 dollars a month. It’s all up to you. And we’re here to teach you and to give you the tools to build on this compensation plan, learn the internet marketing, learn how to use the social network and make money on advertising.  Simplest thing on the internet.  The biggest thing on the net is advertising.  That’s how Facebook makes all their money.”

Lawrence Sowell, Chief Visionary Officer, and co-founder of leaf said…

“Leaf is going to be the first social network, in the network marketing space, that’s also going to be a mainstream product, because what we’ve done is we’ve brought some of the best heads together in network marketing arena, some of the best heads in the technology arena, and some visionaries, and brought those together, and we’re building something that’s never been done.”

Mike Green, Master Associate said…

“So, the exciting part about our compensation plan is the fact that we’ve put every single distributor in a position to earn money the very next day.”

Lawrence Sowell, Chief Visionary Officer, and co-founder of leaf said…

“There’s one thing that I do understand at Leaf.  I understand that the distributor is the life-blood of this company.  I understand that we have to properly prepare, train, and offer tools, to our distributors so that they can do the best job they can do, and help build the consumer base, and help build the social networking space, and also help build the advertising space at leaf, cos afterall advertising is our product. And all we’re doing is gonna expand upon the real estate in which that product can be offered….”

“I tell you…Years ago, my grand father told me when you’re trying to sell a product..Go out and do it, and never stop until you get three No’s.  It’s easy to get those three yes’s, then quit for the day. But don’t quit till you get three No’s.
So I took that when Leaf was presented to me.  I went out and I got 14 associates to get involved in Leaf.  11 for myself, three for my daughter.  Got 2 No’s…still working on my 3rd No!.  
  That is amazing to me!”

Mike Green, Master Associate said…

“Ya know, people ask me why I’m so passionate about this business, and why I fell in love with network marketing back in day one is the fact that I can help people get what they wanted.
To actually help someone to build an income stream, help somebody build enough money to where maybe a spouse could quit their job, and just have an income that they could build from home. To be able to help people to do that…”

Leaf Double up extended until Friday September 13

11 Sep


Now extended until September 13th


Promotion Details

Purchase Advertising and get twice the Ad Rebate Value! This promotion is guaranteed to boost your ARV and make recruiting a cinch. Here’s how it works:

Simply purchase Advertising and get Two Times the ARV! For example, purchase $1,000 in Advertising and get 2,000 in ARV. This applies to all purchases made during the promotion period. You may make multiple purchase up to a total of $5,000.

This offer only applies to new purchases of Advertising, not repurchases.*

Double your Double-Up

Still not enough? OK, how about this? Introducing the Double-Up / Double-Up! Make a minimum of $5,000 in first level sales by September 8th and we will grant you a second Double-Up Opportunity! New and existing front-line associate purchases qualify. You must make an additional purchase of up to $5,000 to use the second Double-Up, and the same limitations apply.

Can you say WOW!

There has never been a better opportunity to turn a $10,000 Advertising purchase into 20,000 in ARV! Are you ready to get started?

* Limitations

– The Double-Up ARV is added 30 days after purchase date with a fresh 90 day expiration, and the amount doubled will be less any Cash-Outs during the 31 day Blitz.

– Second Double-Up Advertising purchase must be completed no later than September 14th, 2013.


Still not a Member?

Join today!


Leaf – Just 20 minutes a day

04 Sep

Leaf – Google Hangout 3rd Sept 2013

With Lee Oakey, Jeremy Bligh and Anna Burton

Signup to Leaf Here

See the Leaf Income Disclosure Statement


Anna BurtonAnna Burton ( my Leaf Sponsor) says:-

“Leaf is Hugely Massively Clever”.

Anna is absolutely correct.

Leaf has to be by far the easiest online business opportunity I have ever come across.  If you have not looked at this amazing business, then you are missing out big time.


Contact me for more information via my contact form

or via Skype wizzibiz


The LEAF Double-Up Summer Sizzle

09 Aug

If you have been considering the LEAF opportunity, but have been sitting on the fence, then now is the time to take action!

For the next 10 days LEAF are offering 2 for 1 on your purchased advertising!

So, purchase advertising and get two times the Ad Rebate Value. (ARV).

For example, if you purchase $1,000 in Advertising, you will get 2,000 in ARV in your account.  This effectively doubles the amount of rebate that you receive daily on that advertising purchasing, for the next 90 days.

So!  Now is the time to take action.

Don’t miss out on this amazing double-up offer

 This offer is valid from August 9 through Sept 9th


Leaf Newsletter – Fri 2nd August 2013

02 Aug

The 20% Repurchase Rule

We wanted to clarify the 20% Auto Repurchase rule for everyone. This rule only comes into effect when you are cashing out from your Rebate balance. So for a request of $100 to cash out from your Rebate, $80 would be sent to your ewallet, and $20 is used to make an Advertising purchase for your account, which is placed in your un-allocated Advertising balance. All other repurchasing is 100% optional and voluntary. That being said, we do recommend you repurchase as much as you can afford, in order to maximize the earning potential of the Rebate system.

The Ipayout Cash Out Process

We are happy to report that while we experienced several issues with a few accounts, the first week of payouts has otherwise gone flawlessly, and we are very satisfied with the new system. If you are still having an issue with your ewallet make sure to let us know so we can resolve it ASAP. While most cash outs are processed the same day, please remember that requests for more than $2000 from Rebate earnings may take from 24-48 hours to process. Once approved the funds will be deposited to your account that same day.

Jacksonville Training event

The training event at the Marriott Hotel in Jacksonville Florida this last weekend was a huge success, with an infectious level of excitement among those attending. Those who brought guests had great results with new sign ups. Much appreciation to all those who attended, and especially to our Leaf Leaders in Jacksonville, the surrounding area, and from abroad, who helped make the event happen. This includes: Ed Pennington, Dave Manning and Faraday Hosseinipour, and Joe Foster. Thank you all for your wonderful support, great leadership, and your amazing success as a Leaf Distributor!