Just got started with DS Domination

21 Mar

I Signed up yesterday with DS Domination.




The DS Domination product is a a training program consisting of a collection of videos (and other media) showing how to build an eBay business based on drop shipping from Amazon. and other suppliers.

Having had, a few years ago, a reasonable eBay business as a Power Seller, I have been considering for some time getting back into it.
Coming across DS dominator has prompted me to take that leap.

My previous ebay business was based on buying product from local auctions, car boot sales, etc. and then selling on ebay. It proved to be a very profitable business, though very time consuming, and not easy to expand it to the next level without taking on staff and premises.
The business suffered when I became full-time carer for my wife, as she battled with cancer. I was no longer able to regularly get out to secure stock. I eventually stopped it, and never got back to it after my wife finally lost that battle.

The DS dominator option looks to be very much less time consuming, and I shan’t find myself handling product at all.

I shall document my progress here…

First task is to start watching the videos, and get myself setup to launch.