Welcome to UK Networker.com

30 Apr

Welcome to the site.


This updated site is intended as a place for me to share my experiences, good and bad, in my journey further into the realms of online business opportunities, and Internet Marketing.  And to help others to achieve good results in the same quest.


I have been working full-time online since taking early retirement, several years ago, from a technical management position in the aerospace industry.  My online activities have served to rebuild my income after the *anker Bankers managed to pretty much destroy what started as a good pension income.

I have worked all of my life in electronics, though having been originally trained through an engineering apprenticeship, I consider myself to be something of a jack-of-all-trades, and have no fears in getting stuck into almost any activity.  My engineering expertise is nowadays primarily in computing, and as well as the more common PC computing activities, I also regularly dabble with microprocessors, and embedded software.

This site will focus on my Internet Marketing activities, and I hope to be able to share here, much of what I have learned. and am still learning, about that business.